Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Weekly roundup (November 10)

So I guess I missed a lot of posting on our adventures in farm share consumption. It always hits me on the day we are going to pick up our share, that I've been neglectful in my cataloging. I hardly did any cooking this past week. Matt picked up most of it, though we did have several tag-team collaborative dinners. I can't even remember what any of them were, except last night:

Monday dinner:
Vegetable soup, with mustard greens, potatoes, baby carrots, jalapeno, and porcini. With my first "basic" no-knead bread from the Lahey book. The house was very cool despite the warm weather, and I didn't allow my dough enough fermentation time, and thus did not acheive a perfect rise. The result, however, was moist and chewy, if a bit more dense than intended. And the crust was all that it was promised to be. Professional-like. My new clay baker did its work, and I was well-pleased and satisfied.

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