Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bitten: The Evening Snack Tradition

To me, this is an ideal dinner custom. Something for everyone and a drink, too.

We don't really have a comparable option in Princeton. What we do have are small plates at places like Mediterra or Tre Bar (which is an excellent place for weekday happy hour), or to take further liberties with this idea: BYO and assorted sushi or chaat. We have been known to do that when we can. Still, the options are not as great as I'd like, and certainly not as cheap as the cost of a drink.

Instead I've been making an effort to make things that will keep in the fridge and can add up to a nice stuzzichini assortment (also useful for school lunches, afternoon snacks and unexpected guests). The beauty of what is described in Edward Schneider's column is the variety of dishes on offer. I don't want just bread and oil and more bread in the form of bruschetta or crostini. I'd like vegetables on the table, and lots of them. Perhaps the answer is a regular neighborhood stuzzichini potluck: Bring a bottle or cocktail and a stuzzichino. Date TBA.

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