Friday, January 8, 2010

Blogging 2010

The farm days ended in late November. Which was unexpected and great, actually, because things usually wind down about a week before Thanksgiving. But I didn't blog about any of that, or what we made, even though there was some good stuff. That is because I kind of stink at blogging. One of the things I hoped to gain by consistently documenting this was... a document. Something that I can refer to, when I am considering my experiences in the kitchen or simply trying to remember how I approached something the last time. I have a document, but it is not very complete and it has no pictures.

I had planned to give up on this endeavor and shut down the blog, but Matt convinced me not to. And he bought me a new little point-and-shoot camera. So I am going to try again. But I'm not convinced that this first-person, talking-to-the-ether format is for me.

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