Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A New Beginning, courtesy of CSA week #3

Instead of excuses, list-making.

Here's what we picked up this week, from our half of a full-share at Cherry Grove Farm CSA:
1 pound spinach
1/4 pound tatsoi
1/4 pound salad mix
1/4 pound (I think) arugula
2 heads lettuce (1 red-leaf, 1 romaine-like, with fingery leaves)
1/2 bunch radishes
1/2 bunch golden beets
1/2 green cabbage
1/2 large bunch toscano kale
1/2 large bunch lacinato kale
1 pound garlic scapes (we got the whole portion of this item, just because).
Also, PYO (pick-your-own) black-eyed susans, 10 stems; small bunch of lemon thyme; small bunch of tarragon; slightly larger bunch of mint.

Tuesday dinner:

Salad of mixed greens, including some salad mix, some arugula, and some of the romaine-y lettuce. With chopped scapes.
Dressing: Lemon, McEvoy Ranch olive oil, lemon thyme, tarragon, salt, white pepper.

Brown basmati rice and seitan with sauteed garlic and spinach and tatsoi (from last week's share).

After dinner, I washed more salad greens for lunch the next day. Then Matt took the sink apart, broke the connector to the dishwasher hose, and discovered a live wire.

Wednesday lunch:

Salad, like the one from Tuesday dinner. Prepared without use of the sink, so it was fortunate that the greens had been washed the night before. Matt declined the salad, and ate at the food court instead. Wack.

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